[Scribus] Scribus crashing in windows

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Mar 27 07:39:24 CEST 2006

Peter Nermander wrote:
>> In all cases xp complains regularly and shuts off the applications
>> particularly with very sophisticated programs like TurboCad, 3dStudio
>> Max and Macromedia where as Linux just goes on for weeks and weeks on
> Graphic intensive applications, use many of the graphic cards acceleration.
> Check for newer (or older, well tested) graphic drivers. Performance might get
> slower though.
> In Windows there is the option to turn of acceleration, you can try that first
> and see if it helps.

Yep. Part of the reason Scribus and other OSS apps may not be bothered 
is that they tend to use an indirection layer for their graphics to make 
  things portable. Scribus barely uses accelerated drawing features, if 
it does at all - it draws to off-screen bitmaps (often using pure CPU 
resources not even window system memory and operations) then blits it to 
the canvas. On a side note, this has a speed penalty, but most of the 
speed problems people run into on the Scribus canvas are not related to 
this approach, but rather to redundant redrawing and the text layout code.

By contrast, many win32 "professional" apps will have drawing layers 
that're highly optimised to the win32 drawing APIs, and dependent on 
advanced features working correctly. Old drivers may cause big problems.

Craig Ringer

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