[Scribus] Telling about other softwares

Le Tigre scribus
Sun Mar 26 18:18:16 CEST 2006

Martin Costabel a ?crit :
> Le Tigre wrote:
>>Tino Schwarze a ?crit :
>>>On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 02:18:09PM +0000, Le Tigre wrote:
>>>>in "Le Tigre", we write (p.23): "Le Tigre is made with Scribus, which is 
>>>>the open version of DTP softwares Xpress and Indesign".
>>>>A reader asks us not to mention the commercial softwares when telling 
>>>>about Scribus.
>>>At least, Scribus is not an "open version" of some commercial app. This
>>>is plain wrong. I's say that Scribus doesn't need to define itself by
>>>comparison to other apps.
>>Yes I'm sorry it's a bad traduction. It was in French "Scribus, 
>>?quivalent libre des logiciels libres de PAO XPress et Indesign", which 
>>mean "similar to".
> Do you really have the second "libres" there? That would be strange, 
> indeed. Otherwise, on some of the "official" scribus web sites, you 
> still can find the original definition of "what is scribus?":
> "Scribus is a Page Layout program for GNU/Linux?, similar to Adobe? 
> PageMaker, QuarkXPress or Adobe? InDesign, except that it is published 
> under the GNU GPL."
> So your formulation may be a little clumsy, but not in contradiction 
> with scribus' original definition. Times may have changed, though, and 
> newer scribus web pages don't show this definition any more. A curious 
> case is google's first hit on "scribus", where I can read:
>   Scribus :: Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS? X and ... 
> - Mar 18
>   Layout program for Linux, similar to Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress or 
> Adobe InDesign, except that it is published under the GNU GPL.
>   www.scribus.net/ - 39k - 24 Mar 2006 - Cached - Similar pages - Remove 
> result
> Clicking on the page URL or even on the cached page doesn't show any 
> mention of Adobe etc., though, so it is somewhat mysterious where google 
> got this text from.
Of course the second "libre" is a mistake - sorry I'm in the same time 
doing the job for n?3, which will release next friday...

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