[Scribus] Telling about other softwares

Martin Costabel costabel
Sun Mar 26 14:35:16 CEST 2006

Le Tigre wrote:
> Tino Schwarze a ?crit :
>> On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 02:18:09PM +0000, Le Tigre wrote:
>>> in "Le Tigre", we write (p.23): "Le Tigre is made with Scribus, which is 
>>> the open version of DTP softwares Xpress and Indesign".
>>> A reader asks us not to mention the commercial softwares when telling 
>>> about Scribus.
>> At least, Scribus is not an "open version" of some commercial app. This
>> is plain wrong. I's say that Scribus doesn't need to define itself by
>> comparison to other apps.
> Yes I'm sorry it's a bad traduction. It was in French "Scribus, 
> ?quivalent libre des logiciels libres de PAO XPress et Indesign", which 
> mean "similar to".

Do you really have the second "libres" there? That would be strange, 
indeed. Otherwise, on some of the "official" scribus web sites, you 
still can find the original definition of "what is scribus?":

"Scribus is a Page Layout program for GNU/Linux?, similar to Adobe? 
PageMaker, QuarkXPress or Adobe? InDesign, except that it is published 
under the GNU GPL."

So your formulation may be a little clumsy, but not in contradiction 
with scribus' original definition. Times may have changed, though, and 
newer scribus web pages don't show this definition any more. A curious 
case is google's first hit on "scribus", where I can read:

  Scribus :: Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS? X and ... 
- Mar 18
  Layout program for Linux, similar to Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress or 
Adobe InDesign, except that it is published under the GNU GPL.
  www.scribus.net/ - 39k - 24 Mar 2006 - Cached - Similar pages - Remove 

Clicking on the page URL or even on the cached page doesn't show any 
mention of Adobe etc., though, so it is somewhat mysterious where google 
got this text from.


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