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Craig Ringer craig
Sat Mar 25 07:00:15 CET 2006

Gustavo Homem wrote:

>Besides developers Adobe and Quark have probably their armies of testers. 
>Software only goes mature after being tested by regular people.
Indeed. They also have a lot of people assigned to FIX those bugs, 
people who're committed to full time development on the product. (Well, 
that's the theory anyway, recent experience with Acrobat and Quark makes 
me curious about the reality).

>Developers and advanced Linux users, are skilled people, which make use of a 
>certain "discipline" when using software. In other words, they don't do 
>stupid things, and that prevents many bugs from being found.

It's not just avoiding doing stupid things, either. Different groups of 
users have different needs and work in different ways. You'll run into a 
very different set of issues when working heavily with styles compared 
to what you'll hit trying to hand-format all your text...

>End users, are often "artists" which know how to layout a nice looking page 
>but have no clue on how software works. They will do all possible stunts on 
>the software.
Indeed. Of course, in an ideal world the software should reasonably 
gracefully handle all such stunts by making use of robust software 
engineering techniques to ensure that it can at least report an error 
rather than crash. In reality that doesn't happen, but it's certainly 
something to work towards.

Craig Ringer

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