[Scribus] Scribus on Windows - When and How to Report Crashes?

Tony Cowderoy tony
Fri Mar 24 12:37:07 CET 2006

If this is a FAQ for which there is an existing answer, I apologise for 
asking it here, but I've not found answers that I understand on the 
Scribus web site.

I am using Scribus 1.3.3-cvs on Windows XP to lay out a company 
brochure.  Having had major problems with colour matching last year and 
the year before, when I did the brochure in OOo, having colour 
management in Scribus and being able to specify text, line and fill 
colours in CMYK is great.

This version of Scribus crashes frequently (several times per day) but 
is still usable so long as I save frequently.  I'm not complaining about 
this, because I know it is a development version.  However, if 
information about the crashes would be helpful to the developers I would 
like to report it.  How should I do this?

Also, with the number of crashes that are happening, I don't expect it 
would be very helpful if I reported every one and I wouldn't have time 
anyway.  How can I decide which ones are worth reporting?

Tony Cowderoy

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