[Scribus] Getting a rich red for text.

Peter Čuhalev skatey
Wed Mar 22 22:44:34 CET 2006

John R. Culleton wrote:

>For book cover text I would like to use a deep rich red,
>something like c0 m100 y100 k0 or variants thereof. On my
>paricular monitor and also on printed items I can't get such a
>rich red. None of the choices in the text palette seem close.
>This of course could be a monitor adjustment problem. 
>Be that as it may is there a way to specify the color of text in
>either RGB or CMYK terms? Or do I have to dig into the Scribus
>sla file and patch in the right numbers manually? 
You can define exact CMYK values for a colour just go Edit/Colour. 
Define a new colour set it's values and say its "Rich Red".
It will then be exactly c0 m100 y100 k0, but you still have to be sure 
that is the colour you want. Then just pick the text colour Rich Red 
that you made.

Another option is that you define the colour as spot, and at the print 
shop pick one out of the Pantone scale that suits you or some other 
colour from scales.

Still without at least a small monitor calibration colours can vary 
pretty much, even between scribus preview and pdf output.

best regards,

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