[Scribus] Scribus splash screen

Chris Smith chris
Wed Mar 22 16:52:56 CET 2006

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 04:34, Craig Ringer wrote:
> This depends on the window manager's treatment of the flags set by
> Scribus. I don't remember if the splash is an unmanaged window or
> something less extreme, but either way its behaviour will depend
> largely on the window manager.

Straight KDE setup here. Currently 3.5.1, but it's been upgraded many 
times. I just tried several different "syles", including kde-classic 
and the behavior is the same.

Since Scribus is the _only app_ that exhibits such behavior, I find it 
difficult to blame it on the window manager. That said, I'm not a 
programmer (at least on that level) and can do little more than report 
symptoms, do a little troubleshooting and mention some possible 

Again other apps, including those qt based, such as Rosegarden (another 
one that takes a while to start up as well) do not place their splash 
screen on every virtual desktop.

> When it comes to the behaviour of the splash, any tweaks would
> probably involve direct Xlib use, and that wouldn't solve any issues
> on Mac OS X or Windows. I'm not sure what the best choice is there
> beyond the already-mentioned option of not dipslaying it when you
> tell Scribus not to.

It's not bad when the click to make it disappear works. But that isn't 
always the case (nor, IMO, should it be necessary), since I update from 
cvs semi-regularly I have received builds where this feature didn't 
work. And sometimes, the first time you run it and it's deep in font 
caching mode it likes to ignore the click, although with some styles 
this is more exaggerated.

And you're right about it being a personal thing - you don't like splash 
screens at all, and I like them, but only when they are properly 
behaved. With my definition of "properly behaved" based only on my 
experience and what I've come to accept as normal because Scribus is 
the odd guy out on this.

It is not a show stopper, it's an annoyance, and a relatively minor one. 
Scribus is a great piece of work and I'm thankful it exists. If I could 
do more than report bugs and annoyances, or offer an ebuild or two, in 
order to help make it better I would do so.


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