[Scribus] OT: system-wide font management on Linux

Sebastian Röder sebastian.roeder
Wed Mar 15 17:11:58 CET 2006

Hi list,

for a long time I have plant to organize and manage the fonts on my linux box 
some how to make it easier to find the appropriate (good quality) fonts for 
any task in apps like OpenOffice and Scribus.

I know that Scribus has a good font management build in, so from the Scribus 
side it's not a problem. However e.g. OpenOffice shows a rather long font 
list and only gives the user the possibility to ADD fonts, but not to DISABLE 

My main idea is to strip down my install to a bare minimun of fonts (mostly 
fonts that are needed for the GUIs and such) and then add all my high quality 
DTP fonts (from MS Office, Adobe Products on my Windows Install) to a custom 
dir in my home. I can do the last step by using the KDE "font manager". My 
question is whether anybody knows a "real" more powerfull font manager that 
can show e.g. all glyphs of a font, the kerning infos and some kind of 
classification. I could only find such apps for Win and Mac.

The second questions is related to the fonts that belong to xorg. I can 
finetune quite well which of them I want to install thanks to the new modular 
release 7.0 of xorg-x11. But I am not sure what e.g. the fonts in the 
dirs /usr/share/fonts/100dpi and 75dpi are for. Is this only for display on 
the monitor? Same goes for the fonts that come installed with ghostscript 
into /usr/share/fonts/default/ghostscript - are they required for a working 

I hope my main idea is quite clear now and other people that dealed with font 
management on Linux can give me some tipps.


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