[Scribus] white turns into black after exporting to pdf

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Mar 13 00:03:46 CET 2006

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> >On Sunday 12 March 2006 17:12, Peter Lesterhuis wrote:
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> >>> Hi,
> >>> Newbie question: I just created my first brochure with Scribus. It looks
> >>> fine on the monitor. I saved the document as pdf. When I view the
> >>> document in Acrobat Reader it turns out that all white fields are
> >>> changed into black. So now I have black text in a black background.
> >>> I played with different settings, read tutorials about lcms and
> >>> icc-profiles. I know a lot more about colour management now, but the
> >>> background is still black.
> >>> I sure it must have to do with settings, but I can't find out which and
> >>> how. I would appreciate if anybody could help me.
> >>> Peter
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> >What version of Scribus? Please submit a bug with the sla file and pdf on 
> >bugs.scribus.net.
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> >Craig
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> My version of Scribus is
> This is how I created the document:
> In a new file I used the button "Draw various Shapes" to create a 
> selection as big as the whole document and filled it with a colour 
> (green). On top of this I used the "Draw various Shapes"-button again  
> to create three smaller fields, filled with white. The white fields were 
> meant to be the background of text. The fields are separated from each 
> other leaving a nice green border around it. I put a text frame on top 
> of the white fields and inserted text.
> Is it allowed to put two "Draw various Shapes" -frames on top of each 
> other? Or is this where it goes wrong when exporting to pdf?
> Peter

Hi Peter,

as Craig wrote, it's best to upload the files to the bug tracker. I repeated 
what you described here in and 1.2.5cvs without any problems.

BTW, you don't need to create shapes as a coloured background. You can assign 
any background colour to a text frame in the properties palette, and you can 
also edit the shape of a text frame.



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