[Scribus] Newbie question: blending photos.

Benjamin Green ben
Sun Mar 12 12:50:52 CET 2006

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 01:21:39 -0000, Christoph Sch?fer  
<christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> wrote:

>> A common task is to fit two photos together and then blend/stitch
>> them together along the boundary. Gimp does this, but Gimp won't
>> work in the CMYK color model. Inkscape won't do it because photos
>> are bitmaps and Inkscape manipulates vectors.

Some of that's not true. You can import a bitmap into Inkscape, and it  
will stay as a bitmap, but can be manipulated in a number of vectory ways,  
size, ratio, rotation can be changed.

I had a try at some basic photo montage and came up with the following  
sequence. Import two bitmaps. Place them as required. Export as SVG.  
Import into Scribus. This works well, even with CMYK tiffs.

It is also possible to combine image across and irregular boundary with  
Inkscape, I think this is what you may be talking about. Make one in to  
pattern (edit -> object to pattern). Make a shape and fill it with that  
pattern. Change the shape to show parts of one of the pictures through the  
other (I have not explained this too well, but it's hard to put into  
writing). It is sadly impossible to feather the edges betweem the two  
pictures like this, SFAICT. Also, Scribus loses the patterned sections  
when the SVG file is imported into it.

GIMP can export as CMYK, and it has a lot more useful tools for this sort  
of thing.

Ben Green

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