[Scribus] Luxembourgish?!*

Ludi Maciel iludi
Sat Mar 11 22:55:21 CET 2006

Em Sex 10 Mar 2006 21:31, voc? escreveu:
> Hi Ludi,
> Just a short explanation: the word "bourgeois" is derived from the Germanic
> word *borg, borch, burg (castle). Early medieval cities were often founded
> close to a castle (German: Burg) and the citizens became the
> "B?rger" (German) or "bourgeois" (French). The name "Luxemburg" is derived
> from an old castle called "Letzel- or L?tzelburg", where "letzel"/"l?tzel"
> means the same as "little" in English. So, Luxemburg means "little castle",
> and the people who settled close to the castle centuries ago were the
> "bourgeois" of what would become the city of Luxemburg.
Yes, you are 100% right, your explanation matches with my research.
> You see, it's not weird at all, and you also see that you never know what
> to learn on the Scribus list ;)
That's the beauty of this mail list :)

Cheers for all ???? people!

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