[Scribus] Luxembourgish?!*

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Mar 11 01:31:17 CET 2006

Am Freitag, 10. M?rz 2006 23:08 schrieb Ludi Maciel:
> Em Sex 10 Mar 2006 19:42, Craig Bradney escreveu:
> > official answer from my dictionary here:
> > L?tzebuergesch
> > French: luxembourgeois
> > German: luxemburgisch
> > Portuguese: luxemburgu?s
> > Italian: Lussemburghese
> > Spanish: luxemburg?s
> Good, thank you Craig.
> Still weird because burgu?s means bourgeois in portuguese.

Hi Ludi,

Just a short explanation: the word "bourgeois" is derived from the Germanic 
word *borg, borch, burg (castle). Early medieval cities were often founded 
close to a castle (German: Burg) and the citizens became the 
"B?rger" (German) or "bourgeois" (French). The name "Luxemburg" is derived 
from an old castle called "Letzel- or L?tzelburg", where "letzel"/"l?tzel" 
means the same as "little" in English. So, Luxemburg means "little castle", 
and the people who settled close to the castle centuries ago were the 
"bourgeois" of what would become the city of Luxemburg.

You see, it's not weird at all, and you also see that you never know what to 
learn on the Scribus list ;)

> Well, I got to get used to it so :)
> Ludi



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