[Scribus] Luxembourgish?!*

Helmut Wollmersdorfer helmut.wollmersdorfer
Sat Mar 11 16:09:34 CET 2006

kitelau wrote:

> Well, out of topic: it seems that the translation in Chinese above is
> not complete or may I say it is not correct? Language spoken in
> Luxembourg should be translated into "????", while people in
> Luxembourg should be "????". :)

As I have nearly no skills in languages not using Latin based scripts, I 
cannot say. But taking a closer look, the source of 
http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8D%A2%E6%A3%AE%E5%A0%A1%E8%AF%AD contains


but my Firefox does not display the first and last character. It also 
does not display the box with unicode numbers inside for missing glyphs 
- which is wrong behaviour. Hmm - Debian unstable is unstable;-)

BTW: Can you recommend a _free_ font containing all chinese/japanese 
glyphs? A debian package would be preferred.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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