[Scribus] Split mailing list? (was: *mac scribus 1.3.2 aqua)

Thomas R. Koll tomk32
Thu Mar 9 18:41:56 CET 2006

Am 09.03.2006 um 13:24 schrieb Paul F. Johnson:

> As Franz will verify, I'm currently learning German and while I'm not
> that fantastic (I've only been at it for about 20 weeks now), having
> emails to this list auf Deutsche is really good for me.

actually it's "auf Deutsch".
Deutsch -> language (but be carefull, it's Deutsche Sprache)
Deutsche -> femal german or many germans
Deutscher -> mal german, often adjective (Deutscher Fu?ballbund)
deutschsprachig -> due to the fact that Austrians (those in the alps)
and Swiss also speak german there's no e.g deutsche Wikipedia but only a
deutschsprachige Wikipedia.

ciao, tom

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