[Scribus] Split mailing list? (was: *mac scribus 1.3.2 aqua)

Paul F. Johnson paul
Thu Mar 9 13:24:35 CET 2006


> No! Keep it as it is, what I really like about this list is having 
> developpers and users together. 
> And IMO it would be too much hassle following several Scribus lists with 
> different languages. Keep English as list language, it's the one that 
> most people are capable of. If someone doesn't speak english good 
> enough, he will find a kind soul here to translate him.


As Franz will verify, I'm currently learning German and while I'm not
that fantastic (I've only been at it for about 20 weeks now), having
emails to this list auf Deutsche is really good for me.


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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