[Scribus] CMYK colours look totally wrong

Pierre Marchand capparis
Mon Mar 6 13:32:35 CET 2006

Le Mon, 6 Mar 2006 11:02:01 +0100, "Florence Gaillaguet"
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> Thanks a lot !
> I've created my own monitor profile, using lprof. Now, I can see CMYK
> colors on new documents, but I still have reversed colors on the old
> ones. I suppose there is a "code" somewhere in the script of the
> document itself. Can you tell me how to change that ? I tried to save
> the document after changing the color management settings, but I
> doesn't seem as simple as that... I can join a file if necessary.

Il est fort possible qu'il te faille changer le mode de gestion des
couleurs pour le document.
[Fichier] -> [R?glages du document ...] -> [Gestion des couleurs]
Il n'est pas n?cessaire de faire un ?post? pour d?crier le possible
manque d'intuitivit? d'un tel syst?me, cela a ?t? longuement discut? il
y a peu.
Pierre Marchand
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