[Scribus] S-L-O-W printing

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Mar 4 00:15:42 CET 2006

Frank Cox wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 04:34:16 -0500
> Louis Desjardins <louisdesjardins at videotron.ca> wrote:
>> Someone else on the list might come up with what's behind the scene 
>> in TIFF files. From a user perspective, I would try re-saving the 
>> TIFF file from the original app. For some reason, this file makes 
>> Scribus "hang" when it shouldn't.
> It's already been "through" Scribus before it gets to the point of actually
> being printed.  This is just sending the PDF file to the printer with lpr after
> everything else is done.

Have you tried printing from Adobe Reader instead of blatting the PDF to 
CUPS with lpr? I suspect that (if you're using a PS driver for the 
printer) gs as used by CUPS to convert PDF documents to PostScript 
doesn't try to stripe images or otherwise go easy on the printer memory, 
whereas Adobe Reader can do so if asked.

If you're sending PostScript to the printer from CUPS, you might also 
want to try using gs to RIP PCL and send that instead. Most CUPS 
printers offer a choice of PCL or PS variants. PCL is typically much 
faster, but gs's PCL renders aren't always as good as its PostScript 

Craig Ringer

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