[Scribus] Scribus slow

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Mar 4 00:10:00 CET 2006

Karl Sinn wrote:
> Hi, 
> at this moment I read many people complaining about speed in scribus. I have a 
> little bit the same problem. But I'am not sure that it is a scribus problem.
> As soon as I create a document with a few images (tiff or jpeg) the computer 
> slows down and gets unusable.

Scribus may use quite a bit of memory for images. If your computer 
doesn't have all that much memory, this will force other programs and 
system components out of memory and into temporary storage on disk 
(swap). That's a slow process, as is retrieving those programs and 
system components from swap.

You can see how much swap is in use with the "free -m" command in a 

Craig Ringer

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