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Bjoern Schoepe bjoern.schoepe
Thu Mar 2 16:22:27 CET 2006

Hi everybody!
First of all, I'm not very experienced with DTP but I'm fascinated by the 
Scribus project. I love to experience with the possibilities it offers, yet. 
But I had a couple of problems and wondered if they were "normal" or if it 
was just my inexperience..
1. I wanted to use medieval numbering. As the feature's implementation is work 
in progress (I appreciate very much!!) I wanted to use the search and replace 
tool in the editor and replace the numbers instead of the regular font with 
the special cap font. Manually done it worked. But replacing p.e. all 0s with 
the tool nothing changed. Has anybody experienced the same thing?
2. I wanted to manually lay out footnotes (I know, another feature in 
progress, I also appreciate very much!!) I did an indentation of all lines of 
a paragraph except the first. But then I had to use in the first line after 
the number a tabulator space (I hope you understand what I try to explain..). 
I clicked on the tabulator button in properties and set one. But using 
afterwards the tab it gave a much longer tabulator space, so also this did 
not work that way. Did I do something wrong?
3. Maybe the most basical thing, but I did not find anything in the bug 
database, maybe I did not use the right search words: in QuarkXPress or other 
DTPs you can create a text frame in the master page and after this applying 
the master page to the document inserting a text file automatically the 
textframes are filled up one by one. In Scribus creating a text frame in the 
master page does not work for me. I see just the lines but I have to insert 
the text frames manually, quite a work for a longer document.
I'm using Scribus 1.3.2 (unstable ebuild) on Gentoo Linux for PPC.
Greetings and thanks for hints or comments.

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