[Scribus] Editing template documents

Nik scribus
Thu Jun 29 05:12:05 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm currently using Scribus on FC4, and helping a relative use 
1.2.2 on Kubuntu.

I'm puzzled as to the best way to modify existing template documents. 
The last time I tried, I had difficulty finding where the template 
document was actually stored, and then saving it once I had made changes.

I could find no obvious way to open an existing template document. 
Currently, I select 'File | Open', and navigate to 
'~/.scribus/templates'. This is not easy to describe reliably to non-cli 

Once I've made the changes, I've found that selecting 'Save as Template' 
causes a duplicate template to be created - and the only way to fix this 
seems to be to edit the template.xml file in vi or emacs, and delete the 
unwanted XML.

Is there a more reliable way to do this that I've missed, and if not, is 
there a simpler method tha the one I've been using?

All help and suggestions gratefully received.


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