[Scribus] producing page order in a pdf for A5 booklet

charlie young spidercorp
Fri Jun 23 08:18:32 CEST 2006

Thanks Calum,

I checked in on this - PSUTILS and Kprinter. I'm running on Windows so that
rules out the latter and I don't have the computer savvyness to really make
sense of the former. But if this is the extent of what's available, i guess
it's time to start learning...


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Not within scribus its self. (Its in the road map)

There is a wiki article to help you do this using pdf tools once you've
created the basic pdf


On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 11:01 +0100, charlie young wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to export a pdf booklet as A5 pages. I then want to be able to
> print two pages per sheet of A4 paper. When printed I want to be able
> to compile the pages as a booklet so that the A5 pages are in the
> correct reading order.
> Currently, if i make page one my back page, and page two the front
> cover (so that when printed onto a sheet of A4 they make the booklet
> cover), the page printing order I put in the pdf generator for a 12
> page document is thus:
> 1,2,3,12,11,4,5,10,9,6,7,8.
> Is there a function in the generator which will automatically compile
> the page order for a booklet?
> Thanks
> Charlie
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