[Scribus] XML to PDF, How to?

Sava Jurisic sjurisic
Thu Jun 22 02:03:46 CEST 2006

Hi All,
I am new to Scribus and just doing research on my assignment;
I need to be able to map XML tags to PDF form; In other words:
I have fill-able pdf form with (for sake of testing) 3 fields:
    - FirstName
    - LastName
    - Address
I have also, a XML file, stored in fixed location in file system with 3 tags
<Address>123 West Georgia Street</Address>
What I need is, when user opens PDF form (template), I need those 3 XML tags
to be automatically mapped to corresponding PDF fields; After that, user
will PRINT the form and close it; NO NEED to SAVE the form, as the data is
anyway  stored in XML format;
Is it doable?
How to do it?
Any hint, help is MORE THAN WELCOME!!!
Many thanks,

Sava Jurisic, M.Sc.

MRX Solutions Corp.

(+1 (604) 960-0023

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