[Scribus] How to bold first word in every paragraph

tomjas at poczta.onet.pl tomjas
Tue Jun 20 07:04:02 CEST 2006

I'm pretty new to Scribus. I need to make a newspaper with ads and I want every ad start with the first word in bold. Ads will be imported probably from text files (exported from MySql) or/and from OpenOffice file - I know that from OO it 's imported with styles but I wouldn't like to prepare each advertisement manually. So how to do it?
The second problem - much easier I suppose - how to prevent imported objects (pictures) from deviding sections (paragraphs)? In other words - when I put picture field which has width of min. 2 columns I'm able to put it in that way that it is between two paragraphs in the first column but in the second one it divides paragraph into two parts. I'd like the section in second column to move so the picture was also between section. I can do it of course manually but I'd like it done automatically.
Thanks in advance.

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