[Scribus] Q; Why does import from Inkscape/SVG look so different in Scribus?

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Tue Jun 13 04:43:19 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman said the following at 06/12/2006 08:06 PM :
> D. R. Evans wrote:

> Plan B might be to export the SVG as a PNG or JPEG (the larger the 
> better) from Inkscape, and then in Scribus import into an image frame.
> See http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Working_with_image_frames

My plan B was a bit different from yours, but it doesn't seem to be working
any better than my plan A did :-)

My plan B: forget Inkspace; just import the SVG of the pistol and then
build the page in Scribus. Unfortunately, although I can import the pistol
from the original SVG file on openclipart.org, and I can rotate it, there
seems to be no way to perform either vertical or horizontal mirroring
(which I need because the butt of the pistol is facing the wrong way in the
original SVG).

If the only way to get this to work is to convert the SVG to something else
(e.g., PNG), then mirror it, then import it as an image into Scribus, it
seems to me that I might as well forget all this and use the GIMP -- even
though that would be a pain, I would at least be certain that I wouldn't
suddenly find myself stumped because some feature I needed didn't exist yet.

It's all a bit of a downer, because I have read several reviews raving
about both Inkscape and Scribus in the past year, but my experience so far
(as you can tell) is not a happy one. And I really, really wanted to do
this with cool tools instead of laboriously building everything as a GIMP
image. It would have been spiffy to refer to Scribus in the book's colophon
too :-)


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