[Scribus] Maintaining text with scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jun 12 22:27:17 CEST 2006

Marc de Banville wrote:
> Greg,
> Workflow? OK, I can identify errors out of Scribus and correct them in 
> there, but you can recognize this is not the ideal way. It would be 
> better to get the text corrected inside the story editor with a spell 
> checker.
What I meant was that, since Scribus does not (yet) have an internal 
spell-checker, you'll need to use whatever method works best when you 
consider the overall task. It sounds like exporting, then spell-checking 
is pretty easy, importing back to individual text frames a bit more work.
> Encoding? Yes it is an encoding problem, but not the encoding of the 
> framelist.py script itself. What is at stake is the correct encoding 
> relation between the original scribus text and the resulting .txt file. 
> There should be a function in some library used by the story editor, but 
> which one?
What does your system use? UTF-8? If you look at an .sla file with an 
outside text editor, are the accented letters correct? The first line of 
the .sla file should say what the coding is.  They will need to match.


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