[Scribus] AND operation

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn
Thu Jun 8 20:01:02 CEST 2006


if you're not opposed to bitmap applications, and want to stick to OSS 
... have a look at the GIMP. There you can work with layers in a 
gazillion different ways...

If you're into vector imaging, you could have a look to Inkscape too. I 
don't know if it's actually possible in that app either.

I remember in Corel Draw it's one of the advanced features (lenses).

Anyhow, in Inkscape you could place your text... invert the text and use 
that inverted text as "pattern" to fill the logo.
It's not really and "and" function" but the result is equal.

I'm not that familiar yet with Scribus as graphic application, I believe 
its strenght lies in the DTP-capacity. For graphics design I'll be 
tending to Inkscape.

Just my ? 0,02

Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> If Scribus does not handle this, where can we go to find how to do this.  I 
> was trying to do the same thing yesterday, but I was using PS CS2.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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>> Hi All!
>> I've got a question, I would like to have an area filled with text,
>> where you can see a logo in the text.
>> The text should be black everywhere, but white at those points where
>> it intersects with the logo. The logo itself should not be printed!
>> Is there a way of doing this?
>> (I believe this is called an AND-operation on the logo and the text?)
>> Thanks a lot in advance!!
>> Matthijs

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