[Scribus] Conversion tool for MS-Pub

Richard C. Steffens rsteff
Wed Jun 7 05:49:31 CEST 2006

Russbucket wrote:

> I have not found anyway to convert .pub to something else. I sometimes open 
> them with pub, copy what I can to a word doc them save. You can also save 
> the .pub as rtf I think. Then you'd have the text.  Also I heard a long time 
> ago the MS has a reader (works like adobe reader) for read only of .pub. I 
> have not seen it. 

I went looking on the MS web site for a reader or viewer for MS-Pub, but 
did not find one.

> Since I gave up with MS I have just redone everything in Scribus on Linux. 

This is my goal, too. But for now, I'm stuck with templates provided by 
folks who use Publisher. I think my sister has a copy, so I may just 
have her export some of the templates as .pdf files for the time being.

Thanks for the input.


Dick Steffens

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