[Scribus] WP versus DTP

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Tue Jun 6 14:07:26 CEST 2006

One big disadvantage with using a WP is that the writer can do "to 
much". Not only can the writer make text bold or italics, but the writer 
can change font, change fontsize and other things that are likely to 
cause problems.
I ran into this problem early on with my newsletter. I cannot strongly 
enough recommend that only plain text files be used to input into 
Scribus then do all of the beauty formatting within Scribus.
I no longer even use large text files, rather breaking them down into 
smaller files with seperate headings files. Editing is a delight working 
this way in Scribus.
Scribus enforces DTP thinking which is differrent  to WP thinking, it 
makes the editor rethink how things are -best- done from the start 
instead of during the process and in the classroom this difference needs 
to be discussed so that students learn above all that there are tools 
for all trades not one big universal tool.
WP programs tend in my experience to cover up potential problems which 
will be more noticable as WP experience grows, making it a little more 
difficult to move to DTP.
For teachers, WP should remain as WP and DTP be taught for layouts from 
the start. I do not believe that this will incerease workload as 
children can grasp  several different things simultaneously, far faster 
than adults.

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