[Scribus] Inkscape and Gimp

Silvio Lopes srblopes
Sun Jun 4 18:34:10 CEST 2006

Hi People,
When I started This thread I did not had the intention of starting 
somekind of war from what I?ve been seeing in the mailing list. I Just 
thought that It would be great to have some kind of "Open Source 
Creative Suite", just like Adobe Creative Suite. With more than CMYK and 
spot color in Gimp and Inkscape. Creating a full integrated design 
environment combining the 3 software. I know it?s not an easy task. And 
to be honest I know that it would take years to this became true. But 
this is my dream, maybe not the dream of the developers of each 
individual software listed above. I?m only a graphic designer searching 
a replacement for adobe dominjation of the digital press world. I wich I 
could help more with the development team working as a programer, but my 
skills in doing this are less than zero.
Thnak you for reading my thoughts,

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