[Scribus] Collaborative publishing using wiki and Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jun 4 16:14:22 CEST 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> I think the number one issue is the text enrichment and getting this 
> into Scribus seamlessly.
> As for the use of real WP, I think it might be left to the writers as 
> long as if there is a way of getting their text into the 
> "collaborative tool" (maybe a wiki, maybe a spip site, maybe 
> something else yet to invent).
> If there was a way to enrich text seamlessly into the wiki, would 
> that be more appealing?
> And what about Greg's idea of getting the HTML code into Scribus? 
> Would that solve the enrichment issue (at both ends: ease of use and 
> ease of export)?
I think that what ought to be worked toward is a reliance on XML 
standards and DTDs. This is said to be the raison d'?tre of XML. 
Unfortunately, Scribus's file format remains an XML-like format, and 
still not well-formed XML. My experiences with Perl XML parsers is that, 
for one thing, the embedded 'Ctrl-E' for carriage return has simply got 
to go, either to a 'real' character or that the function needs to reside 
in Scribus and not put in the file (example: I have successfully parsed 
a Scribus file by substituting an '@' for Ctrl-E, then converting back 

The strength of open-source programs collectively needs to reside in the 
XML connections that each has to another, which should provide the 
seamlessness that we are seeking.

I say this not as a dig to the developers, since I know this is on the 
roadmap, but perhaps the priority of this issue should be very near the 
top, if not the topmost.


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