[Scribus] Xara, Scribus, Inkscape, GIMP, F-Spot

frank gaude' tanzen
Sat Jun 3 20:28:50 CEST 2006

Thanks for the interesting discussion regarding CMYK, work flow and the 
like, and the new Blog.

Am I missing something? When Xara stated their porting to Linux and Mac 
I got interested in what it could do. Of course, I'd heard of it for 
years, but being a user of Adobe and Corel products for over 15 years it 
passed me by.

I purchased a Windows copy and started using it for my mailing list and 
web site. It turned out to be the easiest and quickest work flow I'd 
ever experienced. Okay, it's a single page, spread-type of layout 
program, but what it can do, and do it fast, is amazing. I stopped using 
InDesign CS and Paint Shop Pro (and Photoshop CS) because of it.

I carefully followed the download Linux version from day one, 
day-by-day, thinking their progress would be slow and maybe even halt, 
but no. When v0.5 come out I realized these Xara folks could do 
everything that the Windows version could: transparencies, Gaussian 
shadows, bevels, corners, blends, feathering, tracing bitmaps, all along 
with full vector drawing tools. The speed of rendering complex images is 
amazing. The program is far from complete in terms of work flow: the 
Picture Editor has yet to be ported over, along with many of the 
'galleries' that makes life flow, and no printing. But none of these 
should be problems, just lots of coding as Linux surely has all the AP 

They seem to use wxWidgets and have CMYK color features.

I asked sometime back about the Lyon meeting with these folks but got no 
rely. Seems like many of the Linux graphics programs could learn much 
from Xara. <smile>


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