[Scribus] Setting up lprof

Hal V. Engel hvengel
Fri Jun 2 05:45:26 CEST 2006

On Thursday 01 June 2006 20:03, Craig Ringer wrote:
> Never you mind wrote:
> > Is there an easy way to calibrate my monitor?
> >
> > I've found lprof but haven't had success compiling. It wants
> > Trolltech's QT, which I got and installed but it seems to have
> > installed itself into an unusual location and lprof can't see it.
> setting the QTDIR environment variable to point to Qt should resolve that.

Some distros don't set QTDIR.  The LProf build will check to see if this is 
set and use it if it is.  If it is not set it will look in some common 
locations for QT (8 locations at present).  If it does not find it in any of 
those locations you will get an error message.  You can also force the build 
to look in a specific location for QT with a command line switch - look in 
the README file for details.  All of the build command line switches are 
documented there.

As Craig pointed out a likely reason that the build is not finding QT is that 
you don't have the dev/devel package installed.  In that case it will not 
find the QT header files when it tries to build a little test QT program and 
it will issue an error message.   It issues the same error message if it 
can't find QT at all or if it can't find the header files. 

If it turns out that your distro just has QT installed in a location where the 
build is not looking please let me know what that location is and I will add 
it to the list of places that it looks.

Also if you are doing the build now you should consider using CVS since this 
is more or less frozen while we prepare the Windows binary install for the 
next release.  It has had some significant improvements over the last 

> > Also,
> > I downloaded a demo of Trolltech's QT. What happens to lprof when the
> > demo expires?
> It sounds like you downloaded the commercial version. I have no idea if
> that'll work with lprof. You really need the free/open source version.
> You should be able to install that from your distro's package management
> system. If you run Scribus, you already have it, and you just need the
> -dev or -devel package that contains the headers required to compile
> programs that use Qt. Again, you can get those from your distro's
> package manager.

You should probably remove the "demo" QT ASAP since it could end up causing 
you significant problems if you leave it laying around your system.


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