[Scribus] Inkscape and Gimp

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Thu Jun 1 22:08:59 CEST 2006

momo a ?crit :

>>>Another great feature would be cmyk support in both programs, also like
>>>in the Adobe Creative Suite. I would much rather see that happen than to
>>>get a 'smart objects' feature in each.
> I agree with that, CMYK should be a priority when speaking of prepress. GIMP 
> or Inkscape are almost unusable for prepress until today since they don't 
> work with CMYK. In Inkscape the CMYK color model support is planned for a 
> future release (SVG 1.2 specification i think...).
> GIMP developers should be ashamed because they focused on "interesting" and 
> "funny" functions rather than developing the functionallity needed for 
> professional work. Because of that, GIMP is not used by professionals, has a 
> weird usability and will never make it in the professional world. I'd rather 
> turn my eyes on Krita, a very promising image editing software that WILL 
> have CMYK support.
> Regards,
> Mourad Mokrane
> Lumen Design Studio
> www.lumenstudio.net

Hi Mourad,

May I kindly ask that we refrain from using such words as *ashamed* in 
order to keep the discussion on target as well as keep the spirit of the 
ML of Scribus its high level of "courtoisie"! :-)

I am a professionnal and I claim that Scribus can be very reliably used 
for some professionnal work in very specific workflow. At the same time, 
I don't use Scribus on a professionnal basis yet for many very good 
reasons that go from font manipulation to text handling and to all sorts 
of tiny details that are important to us. Nonetheless, I am not saying 
the devels should be "ashamed" of anything. Instead, I try to help this 
project the best I can and I can foresee that it will be very soon a 
serious alternative to many proprietary DTP apps.

The same applies for GIMP and Inkskape and other OSS projects.

GIMP is missing CMYK and the devels *are* aware of this. We have had 
discussions on this with them at LGM and there are plans to address this 
issue in the coming versions. We just have to be patient.

It could prove to be useful, instead of judging other's work in such a 
manner, to contact those people and offer them your help.

It's only a suggestion.


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