[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Jul 28 03:28:44 CEST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2006 23:55 schrieb Gregory Pittman:

> Actually, it's not such a bad idea. The content of the tutorial
> product/project is arbitrary. why not have it represent something
> actually useful? We certainly don't want pages of Lorem ipsum (yuck).
> And, (sorry for being a neurologist) there is the subliminal factor in
> teaching about Scribus while you manipulate text that tells you about
> Scribus features.

Greg, sorry for being no neurologist, but wouldn't it be a bit confusing for 
newbies to re-create a document by following the tutorial's instructions, 
while at the same concentrating on the content (a Scribus tutorial)? New 
users should, IMHO, be able to read a tutorial and at the same time follow 
the steps described in it. I don't insist on my Rembrandt files, even Allen's 
"underwater weaving" would be fine, but I think it's really important to draw 
a line between the content and the layout, which is so very basic for 
understanding DTP. A matryoshka-doll-like tutorial seems to be the wrong 
approach from a didcatical point of view.
> For that matter, it doesn't need to be a single, monolithic project
> either. At the core (initial page) there can be a simple but not too
> simple document, which along the way, as Wikis do, have the opportunity
> for a little side trip into more advanced, complex, perhaps esoteric
> Scribus features. This way you don't overwhelm the initiate, and you
> retain the interest of the returnee or the more experienced person.
> These side trips also bring up opportunities for many to contribute
> their particular feature without a series of dueling edits.
> Greg



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