[Scribus] CMR - international consignment note

Bogdan Malinowski bm
Thu Jul 27 13:31:24 CEST 2006

> After my extended weekend -- I'm leaving right now :) BTW, if you agree
> on releasing your .sla file unter the GNU FDL Licence, we could probably
> consider using your CMR form (.sla file including pictures) in our
> Scribus tutorial on the Scribus Wiki.

you know what, i dont know what exacly is FDL licence, but i dont mind if  
anybody use it and change it - no problem (i even thought about  
information on document that i am releasing under GNU GPL licence but my  
knowlage about licences is poor, thats why i didnt).

It will be nice if a little information is down on the page about me, but  
it is not necessary.

Bogdan Malinowski
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