[Scribus] Improving Scribus Wiki (once again)

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Thu Jul 27 05:07:59 CEST 2006

Brian wrote:
> So ...   my difficulty was caused by the wiki search facility!
> (Website maintainers please note).
> Thanks so much Judy - but if you can spare the time, would you use
> the wiki search and see what happens?  I think I know the
> result  :-)

I did the wiki search with Opera 9, Firefox, and Dillo. My results
did not match yours. I got the same results from each browser: lists
of article titles and page text matches in groups of 20. There was
no difference between what I got from Opera and what I got from
Firefox and Dillo. Also, "scribus-ng" did not get converted to
"scribus -ng" in any of the browsers.

I don't know how to explain your results, but I don't think Opera is
the culprit here.
--Judy Miner

Registered Linux User #397786

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