[Scribus] Scribus usability

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Thu Jul 27 04:56:03 CEST 2006


>>You mean your truth? The one truth which tells you you know
>>better what we are thinking than us ourselves? 
>>Yeah, I guess our ideas are pretty far from that truth...

1. This thread started with the mysteries of text boxes and now touches 
on wiki help and templates.
My apologies for griping but, lets get back to basics please and if a 
wiki thread is needed for help ok but
 keep text box issues with text boxes please. I never bothered about 
wiki so I can't comment on it's workability.

2. Give examples of the changes you want, give valid reasons for your 
requests, not simply I dont like. Your reasons for your request may 
indeed be valid and may involve a huge amount of code which takes time 
to develop and debug - give that some thought before getting narky about 
perceived differences of opinion.

3. Slapping the developers around for their efforts wastes their time 
and does nothing for their concentration. They gave you this DTP tool 
free for the asking.

4. This program is emminently usable -the only input  needed to use it 
is "a little time to explore the way it works".

5. Contribute by all means but please keep comments helpful and civil.

6. Instead of some one elses templates use a pencil and paper and an 
eraser, to get the basic thought pattern happening. There's a good 
example of an Irish Newspaper in one of the past Linux magazines, that 
is how I learned to use Scribus.

7. E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T, it works a treat and you will achieve more in a 
couple of hours on one page than all the help files ever written.

How many beginner tutorials are out there and why don't they supply the 
info that is so sorely needed. Its difficult to provide a tut for every 
mind set.

Printscreen question: In Linux FC4, when I have a Scribus page open and 
a text box on the page and the <right  click> dialog menu -Info, "Get 
Text, Edit Text and down to Show Properties" , why can't I get a screen 
shot .png  when this particular menu is showing. I wanted to use it in a 


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