[Scribus] Offense

Allen techwriter
Thu Jul 27 01:34:43 CEST 2006

avox wrote:
> Wesley T Allen wrote:
>> I'm not sure I like the idea of creating a separate tutorial any more than
>> I 
>> like editing the current one - segregation isn't much better than
>> censorship.
> I think it's all about knowing your target audience. While I think the
> original
> tutorial is great for most liberal, grown-up people, I can see that it could
> be difficult to use it in a class to teach pagelayout layout to adolescents
> -- it would just generate too much talk which is unrelated to pagelayout.
> Hm, maybe that would also be a reason why Rembrandt or impressionists
> don't make an optimal content for art classes after all...

How about a nice, boring subject like "Underwater Basket Weaving." I'm 
sure they'd concentrate on the process then. ;->


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