[Scribus] Scribus ease of use

avox avox
Thu Jul 27 00:59:39 CEST 2006

Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
>> ?To Pat, I think MS Publisher is the software for
>> you and your newbie friend. ?It does all you are asking for. ?Scribus
>> is a different sort of tool.
> Oh? I thought is was a DTP <giggle>.

Yep, Scribus is. That's what makes it different to P. :-)

> As a female I want to have the last word ;^)

Who said just because you're female you'd get away with that??? ;-)

> ...
> I think a tutorial should NOT be how to make a product, but a walk 
> through of the basic steps that Scribus uses to design a page or pages 
> ie: opening a new page, what kind of page; making a text frame & how to 
> to use the properties; how to put columns in it ('shape'??? come on, no 
> one in their right mind would guess it was there!), 
Oh, we know it's well hidden at that place, no doubt about that.
We even found out that most newbies actually *look* at the shape
tab and still say it's not there; they only find it on second look.
So it's not only choosing the wrong tab, the Scribus developers
did some real magic to hide it very well :-)
(that was before my time, I too had to look twice to find it)

> how to see ('show text frame columns' turned on should be default IMNSHO) 
That option is very new, so I guess that's the reason it's not on by

> & link them, 
My talking, Scribus is still lightyears from the ease of use how PageMaker
linked text. But it will go there, no worrries.

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