[Scribus] Configure script does not recognize recent freetype.

alexandre suzuki alex_o_suzuki
Wed Jul 26 02:16:17 CEST 2006

The configure script of Scribus-1.2.5 does
not recognize my package freetype-2.1.10
and say that I?m not using freetype > 2.1.9

checking freetype version > 2.1.9...no

and in Configuration Summary when it say LittleCMS,
CUPS,etc. are installed,it say:

freetype2  installed (older version)

The same thing happens when I build the Debian
package scribus_1.2.5-1.powerpc.deb .
I build normally with ./configure make make
install or the Debian package,but I?m afraid that 
it is built for an older version of freetype(with
the corresponding bugs).It?s surprising because
the only freetype I have installed is
libfreetype-2.1.10-1 .It was installed using
the standard Debian tools(aptitude,dpkg),normally
without any problem.My system is Debian3.1PPC
on an iMac coloured case.

NOTE: The same thing happens with scribus-
build with ./configure make make install,or with
the Debian package build. 

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