[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Thomas Zastrow listen
Wed Jul 26 21:38:26 CEST 2006

Maciej Hanski schrieb:
> Christoph, Greg, Louis, Thomas, and other potential volunteers,
> we've gathered some refreshing ideas by now:) From my point of view, we
> could create a few sample magazines (FreedomYug unabridged, Rembrandt,
> The Rise of the Scribus Community, How to learn samba with Ludi and his
> Brasilian beauties, Your first chicken curry,...). Once they are ready,
> we (all contributors) would decide which one to use in our tutorial,
> while making the other available for download as tuition material.
> I'm asking now all those wanting to help to visit:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Get_Started_With_Scribus:Contributors
> and see, if there is anything you want to volunteer for. If you miss
> some activities, just add them to the list.
> Maciej
Maciej, thank you, it's a good idea to start ;-)

But, by the way, I think several tasks on the wiki-page are dependent on 
others, others are independent. Perhaps we can subsume some of the 
tasks, because I think that it would be the best if some tasks are done 
by one person:

Independent ones:
Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (Rembrandt)
Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (about Scribus community)

Dependent ones:

Part 1:
Updating of text content to 1.3.*
New screenshots of Scribus 1.3.*

Part 2:
 Import of the original tutorial into the Wiki
Adding Wiki links to other Wiki articles and general wikfisation

Part 3:
Recreating Freedom Yug sample magazine in 1.3.* (original content)
Variation of Freedom Yug sample magazine (changed content)





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