[Scribus] Text with explanatory images - who has a workflow tip?

Cedric Sagne csagne
Wed Jul 26 11:37:54 CEST 2006


I deal with a growing document (currently on OpenOffice) which is a technical manual. The text is strongly related to images (screenshots) describing.. what happens on the screen.

I am not sure how to manage the growth of this document - especially the fact that with flowing text frames adding new text upstream will change the distribution of text/images all the way down. 
As it is not a static or finished (or even meant to be finished, ever) document it is not possible to import the text and then insert the images where they will go...

I am considering using Scribus but am I actually better off staying with OpenOffice there?
Because layout is really simple can someone let me know what advantages Scribus would have over OO there, if any?

Cheers to all
Wingardium Leviosa !

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