[Scribus] It's what people don't tell you... (WAS: Re: Why do?)

Allen techwriter
Wed Jul 26 03:59:01 CEST 2006

peterd wrote:
> Pat,
> You posted re using document setup guides as frames (text I assume) and 
> in theory it's a doer ...but only for simple layout stuff likes books 
> (novels) and maybe (?) software user guides etc.

Software user guides are not simple if well done.

> Because of design requirements by the time one adds headers, subs, 
> graphics, pull quotes and so on there's no advantage in using this 
> method. In fact it would be quite slow as the frames would have to be 
> manipulated a lot.

While tech manuals rarely use pull quotes, they often use sidebars and 
other highlighting tricks.

> Using master pages is the way to go (for column guides) then the text 
> and other frames can be arranged in a coherent manner throughout the 
> document/spread with regard to design.

Yep, master page templates are the way to go. A typical book in 
Framemaker will have 15 or more page templates.



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