[Scribus] It's what people don't tell you... (WAS: Re: Why do?)

peterd pral
Wed Jul 26 02:50:23 CEST 2006


You posted re using document setup guides as frames (text I assume) and 
in theory it's a doer ...but only for simple layout stuff likes books 
(novels) and maybe (?) software user guides etc.

Because of design requirements by the time one adds headers, subs, 
graphics, pull quotes and so on there's no advantage in using this 
method. In fact it would be quite slow as the frames would have to be 
manipulated a lot.

Using master pages is the way to go (for column guides) then the text 
and other frames can be arranged in a coherent manner throughout the 
document/spread with regard to design.


BandiPat wrote:
> peterd wrote:
>> [...]
>> I'm wondering if this thread has started because of  'experience' with 
>> M$ Office / Publisher?
>> Peter
>> _______________________________________________
> Peter, if you just dropped in on the discussion, I can understand why
> you might think that, but go back and read the whole thread, as MS
> Publisher was only mentioned by one person.  Believe me, it's not about
> that!
> Pat

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