[Scribus] It's what people don't tell you... (WAS: Re: Why do?)

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jul 26 00:16:51 CEST 2006

Allen wrote:
> When my friend Bob, the kernel level coder, talked about a book he and a 
> team or programmers were doing about Linux appliances, he mentioned the 
> difficulties he'd had doing it in Scribus.
What you need to know, but seem to be going at this like you're on a 
mission to save Scribus from itself, is that this situation has come up 
many times in the Scribus list, and consistently those who know Scribus 
well will say that trying to write a book in Scribus is, at this time, 
using the wrong tool, and users are discouraged from attempting this. 
There will need to be other developments in the software or perhaps with 
plugins to make this a logical choice.
> I know for a fact he and his partners never wrote any notes to the 
> Scribus team about their problems, they just moved on and tried DocBook, 
> which they abandoned shortly before settling on a combination of AbiWord 
> and OpenOffice.
And when people are writing a book in Abiword and OpenOffice, there just 
isn't much one needs to say...


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