[Scribus] RE : Tables and how they should be

Jean Basile jean.basile
Tue Jul 25 15:54:11 CEST 2006

I like your idea very much so far. But for now it's
okay to use a workaround - export the table as eps (I
use LaTeX as I like how the tables are done and
aligned) than import as a picture in a picture frame.
Thus I'd go for the table as frame and not as


--- avox <avox at arcor.de> a ?crit :
> For the table structure you would create a table and
> choose the
> number of columns. Then you can use the mouse (or
> properties palette)
> to determine the column width. Combination of cells
> would also be possible.
> Entering text is as in textmode, the tab key
> switches to the next cell 
> (tabulators would not be available in tables, then,
> but I think that's ok).
> Inside a cell, normal paragraph layouts would apply.
> A cell's appearance would be controlled by a cell
> style: background, frames
> etc.
> I'd like to see the same options as for frame
> borders also for cells, and
> vice versa.
> If tables are per frame, normal textframes would
> just be a 1x1 table (just
> with
> tabulators enabled).


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