[Scribus] Tables and how they should be

avox avox
Tue Jul 25 15:24:11 CEST 2006

Nik-4 wrote:
>> 6. Before bothering with page columns it's more important to get tables
>>> right
>  From my own experience, I would like to offer whatever help and 
> encouragement I can to get enhance tables. Is there any thread / 
> development discussions, etc on this topic? I would like to see what 
> others think on this topic, and possibly make my own suggestions as well.

Let's start! :-)

I want to drop the current solution of one-textframe-per-cell completely.
What I'm unsure about is if tables should be per frame or per paragraph.
The latter one would be more flxible since you can always put a single
pargraph into a textframe, but the first might be easier to implement
(and probably easier to use).

For the table structure you would create a table and choose the
number of columns. Then you can use the mouse (or properties palette)
to determine the column width. Combination of cells would also be possible.

Entering text is as in textmode, the tab key switches to the next cell 
(tabulators would not be available in tables, then, but I think that's ok).
Inside a cell, normal paragraph layouts would apply.

A cell's appearance would be controlled by a cell style: background, frames
I'd like to see the same options as for frame borders also for cells, and
vice versa.
If tables are per frame, normal textframes would just be a 1x1 table (just
tabulators enabled).

So, that's my start. Comments?

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