[Scribus] specific suggestions for beginners

Benjamin Huot benjaminhuot
Tue Jul 25 04:35:59 CEST 2006

One of the things my mom uses in a page layout program and many 
introductory page layout programs have is they come with tons of clipart 
(which could be used from the Open Clip Art and bundled with Scribus),  
and there could be templates not just for different sizes of pages but 
ones for brochures, greeting cards, envelopes, DVD and CD booklets, 
newsletters, magazine, etc. off of regular sized paper like US Letter 
and A4. You could separate this out by having an advanced and a simple 
options when you first open it up and have one icon to click to switch 
like what Adobe has done with Photoshop Elements.

Craig Ringer wrote:
> BandiPat wrote:
>> It does sound reasonable Andreas, but much more difficult than it ought
>> to be.  Why must you always go around the elbow to get  to the hand? 
>> Those things should be direct, simple, almost to the point of being
>> amazingly silly to do.   I'm not trying to turn Scribus into a low end
>> program, just wanting low end features in my high end software.  :-)
> OK, so describe in detail how you'd get straight to the hand, ie:
> - Exactly what you think should happen to the user interface
> - How the user would interact with the program as you think it should be
> - How your changes preserve full functionality and make it easier for 
> beginners to find and use WITHOUT impairing use for experts
> and I'll be interested. I asked you before and (unless I missed it in 
> this giant thread) you ignored the request, suggesting that you prefer 
> to criticize without offering alternatives, something I find rather 
> unhelpful.
> I would like to hear your DETAILED and WELL THOUGHT OUT descriptions of 
> what you think can be improved.
> --
> Craig Ringer
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