[Scribus] Why do?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jul 24 18:26:24 CEST 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> Its also work noting that its hard to write documentation for a GUI that is
> not final or does not exist yet. 1.3.x is changing rapidly and until the
> underlying work is done, we cannot do the front end. Consider the new style
> manager. We have character styles and paragraph style changes in 1.3.x, but
> its not shown the GUI yet, and there is certainly no user end documentation
> yet.
One thing that concerns me is, especially on looking back at the history 
of Scribus, it seems that this will always be the case. There will 
always be (as long as it continues to be developed) new things coming 
soon, new features, new ways to accomplish old features, and 
consequently any documentation will age rapidly. Is it time to 
acknowledge that the included documentation does not live up to 
expectations, even for the aging "stable" 1.2.x?

What may be feasible is to scale back the Scribus manual, trimming it 
down to Peter's helpful commentary on DTP, color management, and so on, 
with only the most brief delineation of how to begin with Scribus (one 
that can be updated easily and frequently), along with a hand-off to the 
Wiki and other sources. Beyond that, the Wiki itself needs a more 
intuitive, helpful geography.

Having users give feedback about needed articles can certainly be 
helpful. Maybe we also need the developers to do the same -- requesting 
that someone write some brief notes about something that moved or 
changed in the GUI in the latest 1.3.x...


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