[Scribus] RE : Re: Why do?

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Jul 24 16:46:47 CEST 2006

BandiPat wrote:
> Jean Basile wrote:
>> [...]
>> The main idea is the right tool for the right job.
>> >From the comments I read about it's all about the ease
>> of use for a regular user (and this is a tool NOT for
>> the regular user) and about how much should scribus
>> behave like Word. Have you tried Open Office Writer?
>> Maybe it is a lot better for your job.
>> Jean
> ==============
> Jean,
> Do you hear yourself?  Do any of you read what you wrote after you wrote
> it?  I can't believe you have!  You are actually defending the myth that
> software programs have to be difficult if they are to be worth
> anything!  Where do archaic ideas like that come from and how do they
> still exist today?
> Totally in awe,
> Pat

Know what you are pointing to, Pat. When you come to work with Xara and 
compare it to Illustrator or even InDesign we get the message. By taking 
a different approach, mind-set, those folks have created a user 
interface that is so fast compared to any other design program I know, 
and I've used most of them since 1985, but first going from VI to 
WordStar in 1982, seeing how the mental overhead changed, on to 
PageMaker, Freehand, CorelDRAW!, Inkscape, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, 
Photoshop, Scribus, and finally after nearly 20 years to Xara Xtreme. 
Soon it'll be full-featured in Linux, more so than presently in Windows.

Few seem to get the message about reducing drop-down menus and call-outs 
and programming the software to do what is usually done by graphic 
designers, page layout people, just with the mouse. <sigh>


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